Motivational & social shifts

24 April 2020

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A personal view of the evolving role of real estate in a world of technological, social and business change, by Richard Pickering, Chief Strategy Officer, UK.

If your past two weeks has been anything like mine, then you’re likely to be getting to a place of COVID-19 fatigue. The sheer volume of emails in my inbox with ‘COVID-19’ in the subject line is depressing. When the working day is done it doesn’t stop. Walking from my converted home office (who needs a dining room anymore anyway?) to my living room, COVID-19 dominates most channels on TV. Pick up the phone and what’s on social media? An endless string of threads about COVID-19. Aargh!

In this Sisyphean cycle of get up, talk about COVID-19, don’t leave the house, go to sleep, get up, talk about COVID-19… how can we all stay motivated, and what might this mean for society and real estate in the longer term?

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